It has always been the aim of men to cum more and produce more semen in order to impress their girl. As we all know, most women are looking for a partner that could satisfy their sexual fantasy that is why they need one that could shoot more cum. The best way to achieve this is avoid ejaculation for about 2-3 days. This would give enough time for your body to produce the right amount of semen so the next time you ejaculate it would be more than the usual. Even though this topic is quite popular online, the problem is many of the suggestion you could find on the internet does not work. This is why you need to filter the information. Another way to improve cum volume is to use a semen volume enhancer. There are now a lot of this in the market so be sure to go for one that is more established and popular. Below are more ways on how to deal with issues of cum volume.

Accept that You Need Help

The problem with other men is they do not recognize the problem. Even though they frequently experience less volume of cum, they do not see it as something that they have to be concerned of. It is critical for you to accept the problem and able be able to share it with your partner. Of course your partner also could see the problem and is just thinking how to open a conversation. Having less ejaculate is not your problem only but a problem for both parties.

Let your Partner Help You

There are times that the reason why you could not cum more is you don’t allow your partner to help you. Keep in mind that ejaculating less semen is not purely your problem. There is also a possibility that your partner is not doing enough to arouse you to the fullest. This is why you need to accept the help and efforts of your partner. Surely she is also doing her research on how to help you cum more.

Pay Attention

Since you own your body, try to determine the times when you ejaculate less volume of semen. Try to think about your actions or activities which could have led to this problem. It is necessary to pay attention to various things since this condition could be due to different reasons.

If you wanted to cum more and produce more semen, it is necessary to invest the right amount of effort. Of course, results of your efforts will not be seen overnight so you need to be patient. Consistency of action is the key.