Pharmaceutical manufacturing is one of the cardinal parties in the medical world, where pharmaceutical engineers have made ​​significant achievements and conquered most diseases of life decision. Pharmaceutical engineering is a branch of science that has a wide range of applications in many areas. It mainly deals with medical science to develop useful drugs that can fight against the common and critical illnesses. However, ordinary people are not aware of certain facts about the manufacturing industries and the problems encountered by those engineers in the various stages of the development of medicine. This is evident from the conference on plant made pharmaceuticals.

Manufacturing plants pharmaceutical companies have developed useful drugs against many critical diseases. But these drugs are very expensive and not a cup of tea for ordinary people. Therefore, they do not understand these plants they do nothing for the welfare of mankind. But the truth behind the high cost of drugs is not the weakness of the factory engineers “and their lack of participation. Drug manufacturing is itself very time consuming process that involves various tests and research. All tests are performed in a specific environment that involves a huge amount of money. The tests are performed on various living organisms and based on the test results, drug efficacy is evaluated. All these tests take years of work. After passing all tests, particularly if the drug fails to clear the final test, these drugs are not marketed. Manufacturing industries have to face a huge loss in these types of situations. This is further explained in conference on plant made pharmaceuticals.

The complexities of life are increasing day by day. With the increase of these adversities, diseases are going too. This requires many effective drugs that can handle the situation. For this, the pharmaceutical engineers must be talented, dynamic and have a lot of patience. Thus, we can say that it is a branch of engineering has contributed significantly to the field of medical science and a lot of effort to contribute more.