Even though they don’t talk about it openly, “how do I lick a girl’s pussy and make her come?” is a question most men ask themselves whenever they meditate about their bedroom lives. Well, when it comes to bedroom matters, women are totally different from men. Let me explain why this is so. There is a way that a woman has to be touched for her to climax. A woman needs to be touched in all the places, in the right way. How you do it will determine whether she will climax or not. Unfortunately for some women, they do not say how and where they want to be touched hence they end up faking orgasm. One of the most sensitive parts in a woman’s body is her pussy. Being a sensitive part, it has to be touched with care and love.

I remember sometimes back a pal used to complain every now and then how her husband liked licking her pussy but every time he would do it she would end up feeling pain because he would bite her instead of licking her. She always pretended to enjoy it just to make him come off her. He would lick it roughly in efforts to make her cum. A man can lick a woman’s pussy for hours and only leave her sore without making her wet even for a second. Here are some tips on the best way to lick her out with your tongue.


To get her feeling like she is in paradise you have to do a good job in foreplay first. Caress her slowly and with care. This excites her body and makes her vagina wet and wanting more. When you are sure she is turned on, slowly make your way down to her pussy. Tease her by kissing her all the way to her thighs and back. Lick it lightly and go back to her belly and back again. She will love this and will beg for more.

From there go lick and kiss her labia gently while caressing her hands and her belly. Do not touch the clit just yet since it is very sensitive. Give it enough time for arousal. Using your tongue, run up and down her vagina creating that tingling sensation. You will see her lifting her legs up even more towards your mouth meaning she wants more.

Getting Down on Her

When it come to the grand finale, or the clit, you have to be careful so that you do not turn her off. Like I said earlier, this is the most sensitive part of the pussy do it gently because you do not want to hurt her. Nevertheless the degree of sensitivity varies from one woman to another. When you start licking it softly and she press against you it means she wants it a bit rough, if she pulls away a bit then she has a very sensitive clit. For the sensitive type, do not touch the clit with your tongue, instead, suck the fold around it slowly and increase speed depending on how she reacts. Do not go too fast as this can tire you before she cums. As you continue you will notice her grabbing your head against her vagina which means she is about to cum. Continue and suck it harder till she cums and screams with joy. Continue till she is satisfied and pulls your hand away. Thank me later…