The dire desire of many men around the globe even though they don’t talk about it openly is to have a larger and thicker penis. Nevertheless, some of them find themselves on the rough side of the road unfortunately having small penises. But contrary to the encounter of this misfortune, there exists many ways to remedy this problem by making the penis bigger and thicker. Besides the most commonly known methods, that is the use of pills there are several others that do not necessarily need involvement of chemically made substances. Here are some of the methods.

Penis Extenders

Penis extenders are strands of apparatus that you attach on the penis. They work by literally stretching the penis thus increasing its length over time. The resultant length that the penis gains from the stretch is permanent and untimely irreversible.


Due to misconceptions that arise from other methods of penis enlargement, many people opt to use the literal way of enlargement that is the power of hand. This process involves holding the penis with the hand and carefully stretching it repeatedly to achieve the desirable size. It involves some steps such as holding the head of the penis and pulling it vertically downward and upward. Holding the head of the penis and pulling it horizontally and finally holding the base of the penis and rolling your hand as you pull outward towards the tip of the penis. This process should be repeatedly conducted to ensure steady increase. This style tends to be more efficient and economical to many people and it is also safe and free from any harmful health issues.

Hydro Pump

Another method involves the hydro pump. This system is designed to increase the size of the penis by applying the combination of a system of pressured water that stretches the penis through a sucking mechanism. This system is scientifically fit and works efficiently by ensuring the increase of the penis in all directions. Meaning both the length and thickness are enhanced.


Another common method that is used currently all over the globe is the use of pills. They are perceived to contain vitamins, minerals and hormones that triggers the rate of growth of penis muscles causing enlargement.

Vacuum Pumps

Lastly, the use of vacuum pumps has been seen to work better. Through the operational mechanism of pumping blood to the penis, makes the elastic muscles of the penis increase in size. A repeated process in turn stretches the muscles thus enlarging the penis. This method has also been experimented to have extra advantages such as treatment of various erectile problems.

In developed countries, inventions have been done to resolve the issue surrounding the penis enlargement circus. Modern medics have developed a surgical system that can carry out penis surgery just for enlargement purposes. On the elastic muscle of the penis, this is where the operation is carried out, and extra muscles are added to increase the size. And all works best for the need to have a bigger and thicker penis.